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9 June, Rochester, West wind=hungry salmon

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Excellent day off Rochester!

Looking at the weather report I knew we had to get out early. Left the dock at 0530 and motored about 10miles west passed Bradocks bay.

Slowed down in 80ft and did some searching. Found a good screen 170’-180’and set up. First king was on before we finished.

Worked the 42 line until then waves picked up then trolled back to I-Bay. 

Had 10 kings before a 0830. 

There was a strong westerly current and speed control was was tough so we ran 5 rods. 3 riggers and 2 dipsey, spoons on everything minus a flasher fly on the port dipsy. 

Rriggers set at: 

94’, 106’, 80’

Dipsy 3 settings 260’ and 225’

Carbon 14, bad toad half moon, wonderbread,UV mongoose and two faced spin doctor with stub glow. 


Due to the current most fish came on a westerly troll. 3.6 surface speed and 3.2 at the ball. That was as slow as I could get with both bags. 


The salmon were feisty, even trying pass the boat. 


Went 15 for 17 


Trolled back in front of the bay and road the waves in. 3’-5’ waves and occasionally 7’ er by the time we quit. 






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2 minutes ago, Pike Hunter said:

Outstanding action! Thought the lake was too bumpy for everyone!

By the time we came in it was very bumpy, but we just had a down wind troll and cross wind run back in.  It was very wet on the way in but we stayed dry in the cabin and the boat got washed.  

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