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Ronnie D

Great Weekend July 25th - 26th

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July 26th 2009 marks the first year anaversary of my dads passing. Living near the sea just outside of Boston all his life he and I spent many days on the water and he imparted his love of fishing with me. Today I celebrated his spirit and 'took him fishing' with me as I went out alone....

He didnt make it up here but once to fish with me in life, and that was in June so we just got to enjoy a nice day on the lake together and some time washing my lures. Today I felt like he was with me as I caught two of the biggest salmon I have ever enjoyed on the lake.

This weekend I shared in the great fishing off of Sandy Creek. Check the reports in the reports section if you missed it.

Saturday I went with my neighbor an we had a bad case of the drops. 5 for 14 or so ( we stopped counting after a while). The morning bite was insane even with 4 rods.

Many steelies ran right at us or dumped after a few jumps and some splashing.

Heres a few that actually made it to the boat.



A 16 lb king (give or take) technically we fought it on two rods because it got into the lead while trying to clear it. Smartfish 11:30 and green glow horse fly



Sunday - got out a little late. 7am to 1:30ish.

The kings were full of energy today with extremely powerful runs. Everyone talking on the radio spoke of fish out 500-700 feet and more.

98 FOW 75 down in some cold water I picked up this feisty beast.

I was hoping to catch a major on my light trolling rod and sealine sc27 reel but I had no idea what was in store for me.


This guy almost spooled me with ~900feet of line in 2 runs(I think the drag on my reel is kinda burnt now between this fish and the next big king)

I had to circle the boat and burn the heck out of my thumb to stop him. On the glow frog or whatever it is you see in the net behind the fish.

Headed out to 270fow and was getting frustrated missing steelie after steelie on a free-sliding die hard 28 I got this nice bow on deck for a pic


Then there was this fish......... My biggest ever... maxxed the 25lb scale out without a problem. if I had to guess a fish at 30 lbs this would probably be it but in reality it was probably 27 - 29.

I wish my dad was really here with me just to get a better picture of this fish!


Its rare that I dont make a fish look tiny. (reference the 16lb fish above).

This one is one I will remember for the rest of my life even if I catch one bigger. (and I better because I released this one)



I know its 3 pics of the same fish but it was a special one for me and I couldnt quite get a good shot of it with the timer on the camera set on the dash.

Stinger Die Hard mag off a mupped(mag on bottom for me) rig took this guy 45 down over 210 fow.

I didnt even bother trying to risk burning my thumb some more, I slowed right down and came around him while I wore him out. Also on the light trolling rod/sc27/18lb mono.

A crazy storm surge blasted across the water and downpours and lightning chased me in. I was done for the day after this fish anyways.

All fish were revived, released and lived to fight another day.

Thanks for reading my account of a great weekend.

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Great post Xing, I fish with my dad and a lot of other things sometimes, even though he has been gone since I was 16. It's nice to be alone on the water to reflect and even to talk to those wise old guys from time to time. I have special places where I can go back and it's like I was there with him all the while since 37 years ago. Thanks for sharing a special time!


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Great looking fish. There are many times while out on the water by myself I think of my Dad and Grandfather

when we all use to fish together. I sure miss those times

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WTG Xing.

I know the feeling about missing fishing with Dad. Mine showed me how to put a worm on a hook.

Tom B.


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