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Diawa Sealines - changing drag washers

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How hard is it to change the drags on these reels. I admit I have been taking my reels to a guy who does a great job for a few bucks but how hard can it be? Any suggestions if its worth my time and or where to get the parts?

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It's not difficult if you have ANY mechanical ability.

Suggestions would be to take your time and lay the parts out in the order you take them off on a CLEAN surface. I use a couple paper towels. Definatley have an asembly drawing of the parts and for me good light helps these old eyes immensely.

One comes with the reel but I'm sure you could get one off the websight and blow it up and print it. Would make seeing the dam thing easier.

Use proper fitting screw drivers so you don't strip anything and DON'T torqe anything down to tight when assembling.

Use the correct grease on the washers.

If you have another reel with you that will get you out of trouble in case you screw something up as you can look at how that one is assembled.

Really not hard.

While you got it apart look for other areas that need attention like cleaning or lubricating and do whats needed.

Good luck.


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