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Fishing Report

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Time on Water:07.00-11.00

Weather/Temp:lousy/high forties

Wind Speed/Direction:E.N.E.

Waves: started out with 2 footers,towards 11.00 the wind picked up and the waves became 4 footers

Surface Temp: 47/48

Location:in front of the Genny





Total Hits: 3

Total Boated:2

Species Breakdown:coho/snagged big goby

Hot Lure:dream weaver SS water melon

Trolling Speed: 2.2/2.5

Down Speed: 2.2

Boat Depth: 9 to 22 fow

Lure Depth: 5/10/14/17



The morning started out very nice with light winds and light rain.Once we hit the Genny plume going west in front of the river, the screen lit up with lots of bait and lots of big fish between 8 and 20 fow.We threw stick baits at them from the planers and dream weavers from the down riggers.We started out with greens but later we changed over to reds.The red worked a bit better and in quick succession we had three hits.First a big fat snagged gobi and a bit later a nice Coho.The one that got away felt like another Coho.

Today there were no diving birds and most of the bait was fairly deep down.

Around 11.00 the wind picked up so we decided to go back to Ibay and got ourselves a good soaking from the waves coming in sideways.

Having the new X4 speed and temperature probe is a mixed blessing. On the one hand it is a kick to have all that extra information, but at the same time I find myself worrying all the time about $250 hanging from a thin piece of wire...I'll have to get used to it


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I fished out of the bay also today. Picked up 2 browns right in front. Worked out to 50fow to take look, blank screen. Headed back towards shippbuilders for a quick pass and found nothing but clear water. I guess that's why most of the boats out today trolled the beach back towards genny. Bill

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Rolmops,that's a lot of money to hang in ten fow,don't you have a FFder with surface speed and temp? Don't think you need down speed in that close. I know its new and you had to try it out,so be careful. Good luck.

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