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Cayuga 6/21 Dean's Cove

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I took the kids perch fishing today just south of Dean's. Nothing beats the wide-eyed exitement when that bobber goes under! Reminded me of fishing with my Dad as a kid in front of my Grandma's cottage on Keuka Lake. Toward the end my wife was grabbing the pole away from the kids so SHE could reel them in! :lol:




BTW....we were in 18 FOW and fish were 10-12 ft down...jigs/fatheads

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Looks like Dad had to stay busy unhooking fish :yes:

As for our boat, we do love it....will do so even more as we keeep getting more water time and when we can upgrade the electronics, add a hard top/rocket launcher and get an autopilot to boot. I have been warned by many on this site that this little fishing hobby can get pricey. :(

If you catch me in the yard driving by sometime pull in and give us a shout. It's always nice to put a face with a name.


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Will do!....and yes the sport is pricey but it looks like you are setting yourself up "right" to start.


Seneca perch are easy! Launch in the spring out of Sampson and motor about 1/4 mile north to the pack of boats, make sure to drive real close to there bows so your prop cuts their anchor lines and moves them out of YOUR spot! :D:lol::o


most were around 7-9" Had one at 11" and threw back a few dinks. Certainly not those Seneca 15"ers!

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