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Oak Orchard Questions

Gray Fox

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Trailering to the Oak early saturday morning and will be fishing for the weekend so I have couple questions... 1) is there a fish cleaning station anywhere remotely close to either of the state launches? 2) what vhf channel do most guys run? dont remember from the last time 3) is there anywhere along the river to get food on saturday night. We will be spending the night at North of the Ridge campground if that helps at all... Any information would be greatly appreciated, thanks

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i would strongly suggest to eat at the ?????village inn???? right on the corner of 104 and 98 ......prime rib is outstanding....and all beef is from the midwest it dont get no better ...and the price is right too ,,,thell take ya as you are but a quick hosing down might be suggested ..trust me you wont regret eating there .....i think thats the name ..someone chime in if im wrong...

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