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Browns on the Lower

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My buddy Ian and i traved down to port Dalhouse last thrusday, we let Ottawa at (;30 pm, hoping to arive and get a few hours in shore trashing... but was met by strong cold winds... so we grabed a few hours sleep befor Joe got there with his boat. We launched the lund just past Dawn... worked the centre and the far shore with no hook ups.. so we moved to the Lower... same thing there no fish.


Ian getting ready.


Joe arrived with his boat


Saterday we tried the lower again, this time we found the fish... all browns no Bows at all, here are a few that Chris and i took

Chris with our his first lower Brown a nice hen full of eggs


He had the hot stick earkly on.. he hooked up and lost a couple... then he stuck this nice buck


I lost one when the line hooked around the trolling motor... but this one stayed on... My first lower Brown



Chris picked up this nice hen ...spitting eggs all the way in


My turn to get a Hen



Another buck for Chris


Mean while Joe and Ian wer into them also




A group shot


Not to sure hoe many we lost... but we did land 9... I hope to make the trip the 5TH of Dec.

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