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12/10 seneca lake


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polar bear and i fished seneca today north of salt plant, both east and west side....we took fish anywhere from 50 down to 100 and wires out 230 and 244....green dolphin spin dr and pig pen flasher with new big weenie flies that will be featured at the losta show...we ended up going 10 for 12....3 landlocks and 7 lakers.....

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Boy I wish I had joined you. My plan was to fish there today, but after coming home from Raystown yesterday and having to drive 10mph for the last 5 miles on icy roads, I second guessed myself. I'm not accustomed to this winter boating thing yet, If someone hadn't salted the launch at Raystown, I'd probably be sitting there waiting for spring. :D

When you're ready for another trip, and the roads aren't to bad, give me a call.

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Can't set around and wait or we are going to catch them all :) LOL

It doesn't hurt to carry a bag of salt :)

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I'm figuring there will be a few that will get past you guys that won't get past me ;)

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