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Sold / Closed 2001 2252 Bayliner Cierra Classic Hardtop


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14 hours ago, Lew said:

I can see all the pictures from my pc and my phone, not sure whats up, sorry!  Maybe someone will know why you gentlemen can't see them.


Hey Lew, maybe try to attach them directly from your PC, without using any app or photo sharing program. I attach pics straight from my hard drive and phone and never have any reports about my pics not showing up. Hope you had a good summer.

Edited by Todd in NY
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Still for sale, I'll let the Humminbird 997 csi and the Cannon Mag 10hs downriggers go with it, hate to they were gifts, but I need to move this boat before I can buy a larger one for the growing family. $11000.00.

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What a buy!! Congrats to your sale it’s a beautiful rig, Someone is going to have many enjoyable years of fishing, boating!!!

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