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times two

Dunkirk report-7/14 & 7/15

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Fished the NY Walleye Association Derby Sat/Sun. 5 fish per day max,

2 day total weight. 93 boats this year.

Saturday was Lake Erie at her finest. Capping early, 5 footers by early

afternoon, 20+ winds. A very tough day to be on the lake. Fished well west of Dunkirk...almost to Barcelona....plan was to have room for a long east troll if it got too rough.....We ended up with 6 walleye and a 10lb king....and worked very hard to get that.

Sunday...another rock and roll day on the lake. Very rough to start, before it laid down some.

Fished 80-105 fow just west of Dunkirk. Did 8'eyes, 1 steelhead, and

really unbelievably, another 10lb king! I haven't taken a king out here

in several years, then to get 2 in 2 days.....

We finished up pretty much in the middle of the pack over the 2 days.

Got enough fish to be alright, but had no weight. Biggest was just over


Best sets were a 10 color down the chute with a watermelon renosky; big slide diver on 3...175 back with a black and silver junior thunderstick. Only

2 fish off the riggers for the weekend.....60 down on a copper purple/pink/glow yeck, and 71 down, watermelon harness. Had a few off the boards on little slides, 200 back, watermelon harness. Down speed of 1.9-2.1 was our best.

Winning boats all had traveled 13-15 miles east of Dunkirk. Top boat

was 10 fish for just over 70lbs. I give those guys their due....they

got pounded by the waves coming back...especially Saturday.....1 guy told me it took them 2 hours to make their way in.


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John.. Is there a site where the tourney results are posted? Made it up Sat. to check the board, but not Sunday. Just curious as to how some of my buddies made out! Good Fishing, Sluggo (Chris)

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To be honest, I have never seen the results posted. I have asked via

letter on a couple of occasions, and in the years we have done it, I think

we got a list once. It is set up through the scotty series, so I don't

see why they couldn't do something.

Most of the winners ran well east, if that helps.

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