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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Capt. Rick Pecci /Dreams Come True




Date(s):Sat Morning 5/7 and 5/9

Time on Water: both 6 to 1 pm

Weather/Temp: Sat. partly sunny 60's Mon partly coudy 60's

Wind Speed/Direction: Sat WNW Mon NNW

Waves: Sat 1 ft. Mon 1 to 3's

Surface Temp: 49 to 52

Location: Just before Catfish Creek to the red building off 9 mile





Total Hits: Sat 12 Mon 11

Total Boated: Sat 11 Mon 5

Species Breakdown: Browns Lakers Coho Steelhead Rainbows

Hot Lure: Smithwick black/orange belly Stinger spoons Blue dolphin and Blue mixed Veg. circus freak

Trolling Speed: 2.3 to 2.7

Down Speed: same

Boat Depth: 20 to 50 foot

Lure Depth: same



Fishing has been good. I am just getting into the groove with my set up. I had some boat issues and I am now just firing up. A nice pick on Sat morn. with a 4 banger at about 8:30 and landed all 4 with a 12lb. Steelhead a smaller Steelie and 2 Browns was the high light of the day and Mon was tough due to the heavy north wing messing up our troll but hit fish well off the boards back about 200 feet. from what I see in fish and bait we should have a super great season this year. I took a Brown Trout with a Alewife, Goby and a Smelt in his belly. He must of been at the buffet LOL The bad news I have taken 4 fish with Lampreys on them already and almost every fish has a scar. I also heard of many others taking fish with lamperys. This is defenatly not good.


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Caught two with lamprey yesterday. One fish had 4 alewives in it's belly. Fishing has been great from Mexico to Stony. Once you find them you catch them. Interestingly of over 100 fish boated this year I've only caught 1 small steelhead the rest all browns.

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Earlier in the year, mid march to mid April, a good 1/3 of our fish were marked or had eels attached.

Much higher percentage on fish better than 9 lbs.

Really a shame.

As the month of april came to an end and the fish numbers in the Bay increased the percentage has dropped. Still to dam many though. :no:


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