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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: UpGrady





Time on Water:


Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp:






Total Hits:

Total Boated:

Species Breakdown:

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed:

Boat Depth:

Lure Depth:




My bro came into town friday at lunchtime, we basically fished 500-600 fow Friday afternoon thru Sunday. Action was sporadic, if one rod went you ended up getting a couple in the area and you needed to move onto the next area... There were alot of skippies out there and small steelies to weed thru but all days we ended up boating a few mature kings, a few teenagers and some decent steelies up to 13lbs each day. Action was 50-75' down on riggers, mainlines and sliders, 10 color cores, 180-210' divers with paddles and 100' divers with spoons. Bait was everywhere as well as fish, needed to fish the screen, fish were showing up 50-70', bait was gernerally 50 to 100' plus

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The lake upwelled Wednesday to Thursday. Contrary to some reports it was not a total upwelling, the surface remained in the mid 70's nearshore all the way out, but the cold water made it up very close to the surface nearshore.

Friday afternoon- I saw that the surface was warm still, so I did not want to overrun fish, so I setup in 130fow on north troll, temps were 30-50' down, so very reasonable fish catching water, We picked a steelie in 160', a skipper in about 220', but the screens were not great, so we continued north and ended up mainly working around 500' where we pulled a nice king about 21lbs, a brown another big steelie and a few other bites. Temps were 50-80' down, fish were in that region, bait was everywhere, so we knew where to go on Saturday.

Saturday- we setup in about 450' on a north troll and worked from there out to 600'. Action was very sporadic, generally when we were marking fish in the 50-65' range they were going, if we did not mark fish and only bait the rods were not moving, so the action was sporadic but quick when you ran across hungry schools. so as it worked out about every half hour you would get 2-3 quick bites... so when all was said and done, we fished from 6:30-3:30 and probably went 12-25, a bunch of skippies and small steelies in the 2-3lb range, had a 24lb king and about a 15lb king.

Sunday- did the same as Saturday, fish were slightly deeper 50-75' down and action was definitely more consolidated. I think we had abetter idea of what to expect, so we did not waste as much time rallying around waypoints and we ended up with a better day than Saturday. We fished from 6:30-1pm and probably went about 20-30, we really had a pile of skippies and small steelies but ended up with three nice 5-8lb steelies, a pair of 12lb kings and 21lb king with the mix. Our best action ended up being in over 600' from about 10:30-12:30 as the storms were building to the south and west of us, we had one 15 minute time period that cleared all the rods for us with fish on that started the action out there.

Riggers were actually best for us nominally at 50' and 70' with sliders. Mainlines took most fish but sliders took a few, 42 second , green NBK's, Black gold laser spooks and glow clowns. Wire divers with paddles took some fish each day from 180-230', a wire diver with a steelie dan stinger at 100' took a nice king and some steelhead each day and the ten color took a few fish with random spoons during the course of each day.

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