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Cayuga 12/23


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OK Stinger: here's the long waited fish report. Trolled from Tremain to T-Falls and a small pass around Milliken without much success. Much of our focus was on top producing many small salmon.

Looks like we need to concentrate a bit deeper like Fishstix did.

What was your final tally Fishstix?

If the weather cooperates we're going to launch at Long Point next week. If we aren't successful I'm going to start shopping for a new partner.


I furnish the ride and Stinger is supposed to furnish the expertise! :devil:


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I think nine. They were all small . A few lakers were keepers but not really what we were after. My regular stuff that had been working didnt .I ended up changing to flashy stuff to get the rods going. Wires outfished the riggers . Top fly was a Big weenie artic Ice.Top spoon was a Stinger copper red. It was a great day to be out. In after thought I probably should have ran boards and fished the green water by the inlet. Thanks for the pictures they were great / stay in touch.

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I wasn't going to respond because I didn't have much to say that wasn't already said.

Ken was diffinitely a good host. Had the heater on in the boat before he even launched. We had calm seas for the most part and the coffee & cookies were available all day. We never had to put the rain coats or extra jackets on and by 11AM the sun came out and one would think it was April.

We covered a lot of water that day and didn't mark many fish and fewer bait balls. Ran plugs from start to finish off the boards. Also covered all depths from 5' to 65' with riggers, sliders and wire dips at various times. Only caught dink salmon on all sets except the dipsey. Spoons & plugs worked but the plugs took the most. Best action was when we picked up 2 salmon on spoons on one rod, ball at 60' and a free slider. The glory fish are a little illusive right now. I know they are there somewhere. Maybe next time.

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