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Opinions on gimble mount downriggers.


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We use them with Canon Uni Trolls straight off the back of the boat. Our flush mount rod holders are in a nice thick deck with good backing plates that handle the stress well. I like being able to pull the riggers and lock in the cabin when leaving the boat unattended. The other advantage is that I can still use the corner rod holders when fishing without downriggers, which we do when on the bay for stripers.

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If you are looking for easy on-easy off then I think you would be better off using quick disconnect mounts if you want to take your downriggers off for trailering or just for security reasons.

I have 4 Big Jon's with 6 quick mount positions on my boat so changing positions or just using the boat with/without riggers it’s a snap. I trailer my boat so the riggers are on only when I’m fishing.

Picture shows setup for early spring fishing using 2 riggers for going down and 2 set in the planner(electric retrieve) position. You can see the unused mounts (black) for the outboard rigger position.


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