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Quinte - Nov 26, 2011 - A nice day after all the Winds

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Laker John and I decided on Thursday night that the winds would be gusty on Friday and deferred to Saturday for the trailer clean-up and boat covering. We were in a hurry to fish, so put off the clean-up stuff til the afternoon.

We had the lures in the water at 0815 and began with our 'killer' lures in position. The trolling was good as there was slight breeze and wasn't strong even to slow us down, so the drift bag went over the side and we hit our 1.5MPH trolling speed. We made several passes and the hours were ticking away, I changed to a Stretch +10 Blueberry Muffin and then that rod fired. Hopes were high for a fish or two for the table and this one felt like it, BUT when the fish came to the surface - PIKE!!!!!!! Quickly released and changed lures to a RR Dipstick. We changed the other rod for five minutes but weren't happy (No confidence) with the FLicker Shad. John choose a CC Shad that teeth marks all over it from last year, this is the one!!!!

The lure hadn't been tracking for five minutes and the board fired.... John took the rod and brought the fish to the net - a real nice one.


We weren't skunked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We fished for several more hours with nothing happening, marking fish but they were hugging the bottom. I hadn't been happy with my choice of lures and dug around in the tackle bag for something else. My eye caught a Deep Diving Husky Jerk with the blue/silver/orange colours that had been working. Tied that on and checked the Precision Troller for the line length and set her out. Hardly ten minutes passed and that board fired. It felt kinda decent and after removing the board, the fish surfaced - MR PIKE!!!!!!! I was the pike man....

Reset the lines and we were drawing dangerously close to the time to leave the water to get our camp jobs completed and John said "One More Cast" That's almost always a sign for the fish to bite or at least one....... At 1345, the Husky Jerk fired and John was into another one - "This is a good fish" The fish took drag and pulled the rod under the boat and finally I slipped the net under the fish.


We've landed four and very happy with the days results, but One More Cast brought us back over the active area and the other rod, now replaced with a Husky Jerk fired and I took the rod and began to work the fish in. It was a GOOD one, then the board disappeared.... John slipped the net and in went the fish, our biggest of the day. It was 1415, a nice pair in 30 minutes.....


We quickly reset and a board fired again at 1445, John was unto the rod and brought the fish to the net, a slightly smaller fish but in really great shape and colour.


We were heading to the ramp and were trolling in and John said, "Wouldn't it be funny if we had a hit now?" The words were hardly out of his mouth and the board fired, I took the rod and John removed the board and the fish was 20 feet away and shook it's head and was GONE!!!!!!!!

Oh well, six for seven, four eyes and a pair of pike - really can't complain. The day was spectacular, no wind and a high temperature, bet it was close to 60 degs F - last week of November - what a day.

We got to shore, loaded the boat, took all gear out, brought all the patio furniture in, covered the boat, Thanks to Gilles B. for his help and closed up the trailer until the next time we go SOFT WATER fishing - hopefully late in December.

Stay Tuned

David aka Superdad

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Great job guy's......man, you guy's are so lucky to live near that fishery.....keep them reports coming....steve

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what size boat and motor are you using . just wondering looks like a lund ssv. i have one just wasn't sure if it would be big enough for this time of year i know it probably depends on the weather and wind also is that a newer mercury that shifts on the throttle handle and if so how do you like it . Thanks alot for your time and nice fish.

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