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Handrail setup for my 18' Lund Alaskan


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I crafted this unit up out of SpeedRail fittings and 1 and 1/4" aluminum pipe. Really rugged and just right for keeping me from falling overboard when fighting and netting fish or setting downriggers. Getting older sucks! Using a handrail to prevent falls or helping yourself get up after setting riggers struck me as a good idea! Fairly inexpensive build at about $200.

It even doubles as a footrest for the fighting chair!





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Nice!!! Now about the getting older thing. Its gravity , it gets stronger the older you get. I get down lucky to get back up. Stuff I used to pick up like nothing I can't even wiggle now ;(:lol:

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I fished the boat on Sunday in Sebago Lake here in Maine. That rail is awesome. I used to have to kneel to set my rigger releases. Now I can lay my gut on top of the rail and save me knees!!!

The guys with me thought it was tops! It's definitely one of the best additions I've made to my boat!

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