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Aluminum boat hull repair tips.. help appreciated


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Got a solid older Blue Fin i use for fishing as often as we can. Over the last year, the aluminum ruptured (1-2 inches vertical crack) at the very front center of the hull. It is the point where my trailer V rubber guide snugs up to the hull. I suspect it is from stress of trailering and bumps. It is way above the waterline but I want to repair so it does not get bigger.

Can anyone help and offer ideas or product(s) that can correctly fix this? I can also get at this small crack from the inside of the boat....Thanks in advance

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If you use a patch be sure to "wet install" the patch and rivets. Coat the two surfaces before putting them together and dip each rivet before installing. This will prevent any corrosion or vibration in the patch. Definitely stop drill the crack.

Welding would be easier though.

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