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times two

Dunkirk 9/3

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Finally got a chance to get back out on Erie after our Oak trip...wouldn't you know it would have to blow!

Set up in 70 fow, trolled the troughs to 90 fow, and turned back.

Rolling pretty good, and the crew decided that enough was enough after

we had a pretty good wave come aboard to visit!

Did 3 'eyes, some sheep/silver bass, and probably missed 3-4 shots

in a little under 2 hrs. Tough to hold speeds due to the wind.

Got 1 on the small Fishlander orange frog 55 down on the rigger; one a hatchet blade 10 color (watermelon)and 1 on a DW holograw chicken wing

175 on the wire. The Fishlander released several other times....

Shame it was rough as the graph was one of the best pics we've had in

some time.....


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