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Fairhaven slow slow slow 5/20-5/26

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name: Double J





Time on Water:48 hours

Weather/Temp:warm sunny light winds all week

Wind Speed/Direction:


Surface Temp: 57-62

Location:sodus -w. nine mile 10fow-700 fow





Total Hits:

Total Boated:

Species Breakdown:

Hot Lure:

Trolling Speed:

Down Speed:

Boat Depth:

Lure Depth:


SUMMARY & FURTHER DETAILS fished fairhaven all week,got out everyday 530am to 1-3 in the afternoon,light winds everyday,friday was the worst at 10-20 wsw.1 ft. close to shore and 3 ft. offshore.we were in search mode starting last sunday and it stayed that because we never got on a school of fish we could work.the fish we caught seemed to be all alone with nothing around that area after netting a fish.we caugt fish everyday but no more than two and a couple of days only one.the best picture right now is 70fow to 130 fow between moon beach and w. nine mile.there is lots of bait and there is good temp. down 60-80 with the bait.occasinally there will be a hook but most of them are stuck to the bottom.so the one coho was in 130 green and silver spoon and the one king came right after we had given up on kings,switched to 12lb. test gear and moved in to work 40 -70 and fish browns.we were set up 20 minutes and had a screamer rip out 450 feet on a light rod. 20 minutes later we had a 16 lb. king in the net on a 3 inch spoon bright orange with black dots and it was now cloudy after days of bright sun.after the fish nothing for hours.we worked all waters throughout the week searching.out deep we found great temp.,600-700 fow we had 52 degrees from 5-12 feet,at 15 feet it dropped to 47.fished the top 20 feet with small spoons and stick baits off riggers and boards and ended with one 4 lb. steelhead in 5 hours of fishin,also caught two lake trout,one down 12 and one off the board.??????? crazy **** fronm what i hear and saw the pics we should have been here the week before...oh well that's fishin.....got to spend the week with my two bros and my brother in law,cabin was great,ate like kings and weather was too nice.....anybody goin out,good luck and be safe,have some patience.............................


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I can echo that. We were out today. Didnt see any really good screens with concentrations of fish. Decent bait schools from about 60-100' and more scattered fish than other areas. We went all the way to 330'. We did pick up a mid size king and a tiny Atlantic first thing this morning.

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and the drought continues lol. Not even a full barrel at the marina yesterday. The ones coming in with 3-5 fish have been out for seven or more hours fishing multiple..MULTIPLE lines and combinations.

this front popping thru now is a biggie it may change it up abit..

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