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Lead on Cayuga


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No I'm not talking about the fish getting lead poisoning .... wondering if anyone runs leadcore on a regular basis on Cayuga?? I hadn't had much experience with it until the past Fall LOC where we got into some steelhead and a few kings.

Santa brought me some leadcore (10 and 5 color Redicore), I plan on keeping the 10 color intact and splitting the 5 color into 2 & 3 color rigs.

I see a whole lot of recommendations for reels for a full core, any recommendations for rods??

Thanks. DAN

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ANY lake that has lakers is a good bet for leadcore. We "jerk" lead in Lake George and Otsego and just kill em :lol: Hook up some big flutter spoons and troll about 1mph and just figure out how many colors you need to get to the bottom and BANG, you'll catch lakers. The hardest part is making the transition with the line from your hand and not giving the fish much slack until you can start reelin. Many days the lakers won't touch a spoon on a straight troll too much but when you get a good "snap" going and make that spoon zip, dance and flutter they will smack it which you can only do by handlining or jerkin it! Leadcore isn't too good though if it's really deep but works good up until maybe 120' or so because you have to let out too much line and letting out and reeling in 12 or 14 colors takes a while :shock: That's why I use a Shimano Tekota 800 because it has some serious cranking power to get a lot of line in fast.

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I use Shakespear Tidewater 30LCL levelwinds and on Shakespeare Uglystik Tiger 8' down rigger rods. The reel will hold up to 15 colors. The rods have oversized guides and a nice slow tip with a lot of backbone. The large guides come in handy with the leader to lead knot. :lol::lol:

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