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Some noteworthy products for 2012

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We have had an opportunity to try the Blood Run "backer" and flourocarbon leader material. They both passed with flying colors.

The backer is large diameter mono, so it will not be ideal where space and capacity are limited. For short to medium cores and coppers it is great. Hi viz yellow, it handles abuse from inlines and big board clips. Make sure to lube when drawing up knots, like all hard finish lines.

The flouro leader material is going to save me some tackle. Today, we had one of those hopeless wrapped Spin Doctors wrapped above the flasher and into the swivels. Not only did we land the 27lber, we could have reused that leader. Tough stuff, again make sure you wet it when drawing up.

The UV series Spin Doctors from DW, and UV series Atommik flies seem to have their time and place. We are looking forward to further experimenting with these.

It took me a while to try the Erie Dearie cut herring bait strips because they were of poor quality last season. It seems they have made a total turnaround. Durable and draws bites when they want the stuff.

Now a question, has anyone tried one of those "flea strippers"? Does it work?

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I have not tried the flea strippers but the Erie Dearie cutbait is awesome. It works the same as the other brands but lasts a couple fish instead of getting ripped to pieces after one fish.

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Thanks. Sorry more questions. Really appreciate the advice. How do you brine your cut bait? Have you brined the familiar bite with better success as far as them holding up?

Thanks again, man.


I will send you a PM.

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