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I'm making the trip out to the shipping lanes off of Henderson over the fourth. Anyone have any luck out there yet? I've heard the wall off of stony has been fairly productive but haven't heard anything on the lanes.



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We have a 28 ft. Rampage so it'll hand 3-4 fters. Anything over that and it's not going to be a comfortable fish...

We've had some success out there in the past this time of year but I haven't heard any reports yet this year.


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I was in Henderson on Tuesday night and the reports from the east end are all good. Big browns still on attack around Gallo island and steady in the trench to the wall. Salmon fising from the lighthouse to the North Dune has been consistent. Not as many fish as west but still good. Some of the charter captains have been travelling out to the lanes with success. Steel and Kings are there but with the wind and the boats being blown off for the past three days the temps will be screwy and it may take a few days to set back up again. Good luck and always buddy up when you head out to the lanes. Its like the Bermuda Triangle out there, no cell service and always remember to turn your phone off or the battery will drain in no time. The program has been most of a spoons bite with some of FF. Fleas are bad. Good Luck it looks like the weather will be great.

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If you launch out of Henderson it takes a good 45 minutes with cooperating seas. The depth out there can be tricky and good electronics and the abiltiy to compensate a good chart is key. The edges are very steep in places and if you get going the wrong direction bad things can happen without the time to recover. Many rigger balls have come victim to the steep structure out to the lanes. It is a large area out there with water from 100' to 160's and you can get shallow fast if not careful. Not sure what the latest weather has done out there but it sounds like the rest of the lake is fine after the few windy days we had. Lots of bait everywhere. Find the Temperature and get ready. Good luck and be safe.

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Fished the Lanes today. We headed out around 5:30 but it took early 2 hrs to get there due to 3-5 ft seas. We fished 7:30-9:30 out near the ledge and did one 15lb king, in 140 fow down 100 on a black spoon with silver ribbing. Didn't mark much bait at all and very few fish in the 100-160 ft range we fished. We headed in to Galloo for bass once a guest started to feel queezy... Planning on heading back out Sunday.

If anyone else has fished the lanes recently, please provide your input.


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