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Buoy floating un-tethered on Cayuga lake

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Has anyone seen the floating steel buoy in the Levanna area , we see it in a different spot every weekend , seems like a real dangerous situation , I'm surprised they haven't fixed it by now, there usually right on something like that .

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Does it say something about being Cornell property on it? I was out a few weeks ago when a boat pulled up and left a buoy. It was much further South than you though and stayed in one spot for at least a week so I assume it was tethered. Might be something completely different but it's gone now. (oops accidentally sent this as a pm but I'm deleting that)

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Hope this is helpful.

Notice to Mariners

Chart 14786

Cayuga Lake

June 27, 2012

Mariners are advised that green buoy 51A is approximately 2.5 miles off station, to the south. The buoy will be reset as soon as weather conditions permit.

Please use caution when approaching this area as shallow areas exist toward the eastern shore.

For updates and information, please call 1-800-4CANAL4 or visit www.canals.ny.gov

Copied from NY Canal website

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