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need some help. islands


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So I'm heading up to the 1000 islands next week with my girlfriend and her family. her dad and brother are looking to get into some bass. I have never fished up there and we will be fishing around the Clayton area. Throw me some tips guys. Water depth, baits, areas. Anything would be great. Thanks

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1st thing you need to do is stop at Dick's sporting goods and buy a Yankee cap. :lol:

Kevin J Legg has been posting good reports. I would send him a PM.

My experience has been to hit the edge of the drop offs where the current was strong, however, this did not work for me two years ago when I was there. I tried jigs, spinners, and even live crayfish and couldn't find the right pattern. Once you do it is fun. Good luck, I will enjoy seeing the pics.

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