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Adk trip report 7/20-7/31


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Hey guys,

Just got back from my adirondack trip. A group of four friends and I paddled the Northern Forest Canoe Trail route from Old Forge to Saranac Lake, a route that went through the Fulton chain of lakes, Raquette Lake, Forked Lake, the Raquette River, Long Lake, the Raquette River (again), Upper Saranac, Middle Saranac, and Lower Saranac lakes, and Oseetah lake/Lake Flower. The trip distance was a little over 90 miles altogether and we did it in 5 days, camping out each night. After that, we hung around the Lake Placid/Saranac Lake area and climbed a bunch of high peaks. I didn't get to fish as much as I would have liked but when I did, the fishing was incredible, especially for smallmouth. At one spot below a waterfall, I caught around 30 smallmouth in two hours. The deeper lakes were really good too around deep points and big rocks. No real size at all; the biggest were around 2.5 lbs but they fight like crazy in colder water. Best baits were tiny floating rapalas and the Yo Zuri Pins minnow but I caught a few on senkos and tubes and a couple on topwater. Caught a few little pike and Largemouth as well and a bunch of these chub-like things. I think they were Fallfish? No fish pics with me; my friend has them on his camera and hasn't uploaded them yet. But I do have some paddling/mountain pics ;) It was an awesome trip.











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Sounds like U guys really were doing some huffin' .....Good that U were able to squeeze in the fishing amid the hiking and canoeing! Looks like a blast with some decent weather, too. :yes: Some good shots (post some of those chub shots if U R able).

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Thanks for the comments guys. I got a few fish pics from my friend's camera.

This was one of the better smallies on Upper Saranac


and this was the chub-like thing I was catching. Sorry, its a bad pic.


I'm pretty sure this is what they were (Fallfish)


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