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For Sale - Year Round Cayuga lakefront Home For Sale...SOLD

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It was a sad day but I sold the place. So much for late night runs on Cayuga and bonfires on the lake shore.


You are absolutely right....this is a sad day ;( . Hope this Christmas will still be a Merry & Holy one for your family.

Keep us informed on your move. My offer still stands on the fishing Trip(s) when your back here visiting family & friends.

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Hi Vince,I don't usually post on the board but after reading STINGERS post and him inviting you aboard the "Little BUDDY",I had to set something straight.Yes.....do fish with Stinger if you want to eat FIG NEWTON's and drink coffee and pop.If you want to catch fish,go with the STRIKE 3 or the (NEW) BLUE MOON.Those two boats will square off in the LOU ALL 08'.Cyn and I wish youself and the CAPT. a very Happy Holiday season.Do keep in touch......Cyn & Zeke (Strike 3)

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