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Musky Rod/Reel/Lure Package

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Gotta fund a new rod after blowing up one of my musky innovations rods Tuesday. I have one rule, "Old toys must fund new toys", so I put together a great little package that is a great value for any beginner or deal/lure addict out there.

Package Includes:

-7'6" Bass Pro Shops Musky Angler Rod(pete maina rod) - rated 2-10oz with fast action, great all around rod that has great feel for jigging, just don't use it enough to justify bringing it each time.

-Abu Garcia 5600ab - I gutted the anti backlash features of this reel years ago, brand new drag washers, brand new handle, brand new spool bearings and clean perfect teeth on all gears. Reel is super smooth to reel, casts a mile and drag holds for hooksets but pulls perfect even when cranked down hard. Even a vet will love this reel. I maintain all my gear throughout the season. Thing is built like a tank. Also spooled with fresh 80lb power pro.

-Lures are a bunch of stuff I pulled from backup boxes, all great lures, some don't get used, some I have doubles of, some just aren't my style. Lure lot includes:

-2.5oz firetiger spinnerbait -Twin 8 firetiger silicone bucktail - Firetiger Topraider - Perch pattern muskie mania burt - Perch 8" jake - sucker jointed shallow raider - Gold w/orange belly slammer deep diver - white 2.5oz spinnerbait - Pumpkinseed Krave - Firetiger Giant Killer - Bagleys Clown DB08 - Perch Ernie - Firetiger Bucktail w/gold tomahawk blade - black with silver blade size 6 vibrax bucktail - orange with black blade bucktail - no name firetiger deep diver - blue and silver baby girl - Halo perch krave jr.

18 lures in all, some made by me, most purchased for $15-$20 each. Rod was purchased at bass pro for $150 at the beginning of last season, reel is worth $100 plus easy, $50 of improvements in it in the last year to make it bullet proof. Its a pleasure to fish and will outlast any Abu Record and probably Revo out there.

If this goes to a true beginner I'd be happy to take them out and show them the ropes. Even throw in leaders and a couple tubes to get them started on the Niagara. No rookie, no free trip!! lol

$275 takes EVERYTHING Local pickup or meet up a must!



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