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Fishing out of goose bay St. Lawrence Next week "Tips"

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My friend is taking his father up for a week. All they have ever done is bullhead fish in the spring up there. They have small flat bottem boats with small outboards on them. I thought I'd ask and see if I can help them out with some ideas. I'm setting them up with lures to take from when I used to go up there. " Lg Mepps, Spinner baits, Buzz baits, Husky jerks, Lg buck tails. Where they can target Pike, Eyes, and SM Bass within a mile or so of goose bay would be appeciated or if there is a hot bay close to trailer to would be nice as well.Any hot Lures for this time of year too. Thanks in advance.


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Goose Bay itself is pretty weed chocked this time of year particularly with the low water conditions. Look for pike along the drop offs outside of the shallow bay. Walleyes like current and low levels of light and for someone unfamiliar with the river, night time fishing can be tough. Look for smallmouths on deep water shoals 30-65 fow with worms and crabs working well. You may be able to pick up some largemouths in open pockets in the weeds or on top water.

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