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Yankee @ the Oak 9/7 Afternoon

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September 6th (Afternoon) - Left the dock at 4pm with not a clue of what happened over the past few days. Shut the boat down in 60’ of water and deployed the spread, which consisted of our three Cannons fished from 30’ to the bottom, two wire divers our 125-150’, a five color and a 10 color.

First rigger down was our center rigger with our Moor Sub-Troll on it. I initially had a White on White combo on the rod at first, but before it went down I switched it over to a Moonshine Green Shorts. Parked it at 35’, and went on to setting the other lines. As I was setting the 4th or 5th rod that center rigger takes off for Wilson! We were into our first big guy right of the bat. The rest of the night would be a consistent pick with a fish coming about every 20-30 minutes. We ended up hooking into 8 matures, and we only dropped two. They ranged in size from 17-24lbs.

Our MVP for the night was a Stinger Hammertime E-Chip/A-TOM-MIK Hammer fly on our wire divers out 150’ on a 2 setting. The Moonshine Green Shorts took two shots on the 35’ rigger, and a Dreamweaver Oil Slick Spin Doctor/A-TOM-MIK Glow Blue LBB took a fish. Our 5 color and our 10 color never took a shot.

We saw some Salmon splashing between us and shore, so they are getting ready! We worked 60-80’ of water the whole night about a mile east and west of port. The screen was hit or miss, but they were in there. I think what helped was limited boat traffic. These guys were ecstatic! For most it was the biggest fish of their life, and also the first Chinook Salmon.





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