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New World Record Muskie caught in Michigan, No Kidding

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it was a nice fish until they killed it.

I've done some reading on the state regulations. To let you know, I commend this fisherman - he marked off the length on the side of the boat to see if it was close to the existing state record. The state fishing guide lists three lengths/weights per species - 1) catch and release 2) catch and keep 3) existing state record. It goes on to read that the only way to contest the existing state record is to catch and keep the fish. It must be submitted to a DNR office for testing (whereas catch and keep master angler patches can be taken to a meat market for weight verification). Therefore, to challenge the existing state record - the fish had to be destroyed.

This was in the comments under article.

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I'll chime in on a couple things here.

First, it isn't a world record muskie. It is the new Michigan state record muskie.

I am a very avid muskie fisherman. I have been fishing for muskies for the last 15 years seriously, and we average over 100 muskies released from my boat per year. (Not bragging, just trying to lend some validity to my opinion.) However, I tend to agree with Rob. Although I practice catch and release almost exclusively, this is a 59", 58lb muskie we are talking about. It beat the previous Michigan state record by 7 or 8lbs. I would have kept it too, and I am a catch and release muskie fisherman. These were bass guys with an accidental catch. There is no way to get a state or world record without keeping the fish. Now, had the fish not been big enough to be a record, I would have released it.

I think it was a great catch and a great story.

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