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Bob Rother


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Our first trip to Quinte was just as expected. The conditions were tough ranging from dead calm and 45 degrees to freezing rain, heavy winds and frigid temps. It was a classic "you should have been here some other time" however, it was a great trip. We caught a sub-par one to two fish per day with the exception of our last day, we caught 6. The fish were 7-12lbs. Purple prisim Reef Runner caught most of the fish, but wild thing, barbie, and bare naked caught some fish too. All fish released successfully. Any day I can go fishing is a great day, and it was a great trip. Here are some pics





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Yes it is 156 ft. Most of our fishing was done in Adolphus Reach around these depths. We were running our cranks anywhere from 20 to 40 feet down. Surprisingly most fish came at 25 feet. Here is another pic. Simply amazing to see that many fish on the screen. We would find schools of fish like the pic above and work the school.


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