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Cayuga 12/22

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Before I give a fish report. Stinger set records on Cayuga on the amount of hardware that he can drag behing a boat. The trout in Cayuga saw every color and size lures from plugs to streamers. Most of them hit in self defense. When I partner up with him my kicker usually has to run about 100 RPM higher. I'm sure Zeke/Vince know exactly what I'm talking about! :lol:

We had one of those days where everything worked. We were into fish all day with stick baits and streamers. Early it was silver/black stickbaits and later in the morning we used colored stickbaits with several coming off on pink/red streamers. We kept several Landlocks and browns in the 18" to 21" class for the dinner table and we released one 7 lb brown and several browns and landlocks in the 3 to 5 lb class.

I didn't measure or record each fish for which I was scolded for by stinger, but I'm sure we boated over 35 fish putting many keepers back.

It was a great day and hopefully it will continue through the Winter!


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It's hard to respond to the above posts without sounding like sour grapes but in my own defense I must say that I was grabbing most of the rods when a fish hit, at least for the first couple hours, ................................that was because `frisco was in the cabin eating all my Frig Newtons.....and when he was finished with the bag of cookies he started on the giant sub he brought for the both of us. After all the food & coffee was gone then I had help rigging and landing fish :P . I went home hungry but I did have a couple fish for the freezer so I'm happy.

The bite was on yesterday with only one short slow period. We just hit it right. If you fish enough you'll have a day like that every now and then. Of course the captain & ship has a lot to do with the success. The only thing that `frisco's rig could use to make it the perfect fishing machine is a few more rods :shock: ........thats why he brings me along.

(my motto......"can't have to many rods in the water") it's sorta like having your own bait ball behind the boat ;) .

Thanks Ken for a wonderful Christmas present. You couldn't have given a fishermen a better gift than a day on the lake like yesterday.

Merry Christmas to all............

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