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Remember the Oak Pens Saturday

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Just a reminder;

We will be getting the pens put together for this year on Saturday April 6th. I will be out of town that weekend but Mark Lewis has graciously agreed to coordinate the event. So please meet him at Lake Breeze Marina at 8 AM Saturday April 6th to lend a hand. We expect our fish delivery some any time after that date and will keep everyone informed as when we will receive them.

Thanks for everyone help.

Capt. Bob Songin
Reel Excitement Charters

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Thanks for all that helped out on Saturday with the pens.  It was great to see so many volunteers!  We got it done quickly thanks to all the help.  We will continue to need help once the fish get delivered, so if you would like to be put on the list please forward your contact information to:


[email protected] 


If you're already getting emails about the pen rearing directly from Bob Songin, no need to respond, as we will combine the lists into one.


Thanks again to everyone who came out to help!


Mark Lewis

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