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Went up to black lake for 4days with 5 school buddies(one has a cottage in edwardsville).Weather was awesome as it never is when we go anywhere so that was a bonus.Usually it`s a cold front rolling in whenever we go-we do this everyyear.Anyways....fishing was great but all small pike and  nailed the crappies-had us a nice shorelunch.I started out casting a prizm 5" shallow raider and a new 5"smuttly dog glider.I kept these on for two days.Outside one of the coves that we were targeting i had a blowup on the smuttly that was a big fish(figured i found a bid northern).Did`nt break the water but the fish spun and created a large boil and put a few teeth marks in my bait,caught a small pkie on the raider and a few others on a bomber lond A firetiger as the other two in my boat.Had another good size fish follow but not like that one.Came back to that spot sunday and caught a few small pike but that was it.Monday morning i went back alone...they needed their rest after a long day and a few cocktails the day before.Started out with the smuttly in the same area but a little farther out(50yds or so)and started drifting....within a few minutes i found out what i had missed on sunday...as i set the hook or as i tried to set the hook  the fish did`nt move but my drag did as i was geared for pike and did`nt have my drag locked as i might while musky fish`n.The back of the fish and tail came outta the water and it was clearly a really nice muskie.I never got the hooks into it good and soon lost it.From now on even while pike fishing i`m gonna lock it down.I put my rod down ,moved into the cove and proceded to slam the crappies .lol  for the rest of day and tuesday a fished crappies.That was a very cool surprise to an awesome 4days on black lake.

I`m looking forward to boating some tigers now!Oh yeah....my new cu301e curado is great.


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Nice report...should've checked this site while I was also at black lake.Got to Indian head point around 9 on Fri night.Fished chippawa bay on st.Lawrence sat. Am....our boat landed 5 pike 22 to 27 in. Other boat landed 12 all same size ...sun bout noon hit ogdensburg for an alternated for truck and walleye on sand bar ..boated 2 small egese. 12 and 15 in. And a nice26in.....other boat did same but beat us by a 1/4" on the eye...Mon we launched at black lake for rest of trip...it was crappy day and we boated 15 by 11:00 am all 10-12" and 1. 14" ..oth er boat only 2 keepers .pike rest after lunch were tough boating 7 smaller pike other boat 2 all 15-22"....Tue was a mix of 14 pike and 2 eyes ..wed was tough ..only 8 pike boated ....all in all great tribes ..will be the next year .... 7 years now.... WEATHER WAS AMAZING ....Best in 7 years ..

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