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Went out Monday evening out of Oswego.  Set up in 140 fow, got the riggers in the water, and just as I was setting the first dipsy, the 60' rigger fired. Skippy hit a green dolphin Stingray.  Finished getting all the lines in the water, then the 60' rigger fired again...another skippy.  Slid out to 170 fow, and the 210' dipsy started pulling.  Ended up being about a 8lb king.  Trolled around for a while without marking anything, and started heading north.  When I hit 225fow, the 90' rigger fired. 21lb King, hit a black and silver spoon.  went all the way out to 300fow without seeing anything, so we started heading back in.  Got in to about 150fow, and the 210 dipsy fired again, this time a 22lb king.  We were only out for 4 hours, didn't mark either of the majors we took.  very little bait and even less hooks, but apparently there's fish out there.

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