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Wanted Wanted - Looking for 20lb Torpedo or Shark weights

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  I might be able to help you, see at the marina this weekend Lester (ZIP N ZIM )

Lester, Sounds good. I won't be there until Saturday night but I will track you down Saturday night or Sunday.


Ask Troutman 87, he made me 16 lb torpedo weights. He does a great job, cheap.

Harvey only makes 12's and 16's. I have a bunch of his 12 pound weights. They are great.

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I have a 20lb black shark weight. I don't think we're ever going to use something that heavy even though my HS Cannon's can handle them. If my son is willing to part with it and if you're still interested let me know.

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 The 20lb thing sounds great but the logistics of the setup are not as simple as you think. It does work our King depth record is 287 feet but the process takes two guys and a lot of headaches it's like trying to deploy a Mac truck. The bite and release  is different and one rigger at that depth is max. Most 15 and 16 weights work at more practical depths with a slower trolling speed . The big weights are fun to fool with but practical no . Have fun with it . We only have one 20lb shark and it only comes out when we are pressed or bored. I guess I shouldn't  comment in this section sorry if I crossed the line.  

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