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Giant Kings of Olcott 7-6-13

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July fishing has set-up on the south shore for kings.  The picture inside the Niagara flow is fantastic with bait and hooks where they are suppose to be.  Water temps have normalized as I got my first traditional summer-time "after fishing....and beer swim" off the swim platform.  Temps are around 52 degrees at 80' down.  The verticle temp break occurs just outside of 250' FOW.  Last night we fished just west of olcott in 160-220' plying waters from 80-100' down.  We ran a two man six rod spread with flashers/flies on wire divers, two riggers, an eight color with musky torpedo and a copper with a musky torpedo.  All rods took hits on kings.  Biggest was 26 lbs.  Lost a giant on the copper that straightened an owner hook after a long battle.  Whole fight is on video so I can relive my agony.  Oh yea.....take your bug spray!!!






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