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Super short Sodus report 7/10/13

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Went out for about 45 minutes to test out the boat and had an interesting experience.


The thermocline is finally set up!!!!!! Put the probe down in 100 FOW to check on things and at actual probe depth of 75 feet we had 50 degree water. I moved it up to 60 feet and it was about 64 degrees and above all of the way to the top. Was a sharp break right at 70 feet or so.


The hooks were lined up on the screen right at 75 feet. Went 1 for 2 with a skippy landed and a screamer lost. 

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Thanks for sharing - I'm glad to hear things are setting up nicely and that you had some action in only 45 minutes.

There's nothing better than the impromptu "45 minute" fishing trip on a boat test run. A few years ago, I landed a 29 pounder while fishing solo at about 3 in the afternoon when I was testing a new Subtroll probe. I only planned on a 15-30 minute test trip and then the fish hit.......that fish is now on my wall so you never know what can happen on those quick runs.


Awesome stuff - good luck this weekend,


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I used to be a little conservative on givin out info 1 day before a tournament!!! boy this is gonna be a long weekend....And I'm lookin forward too it.. Wayne said i had the whole back of the boat to myself to sleep...Just found out he ment on the swim platform.............arggh!

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