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July 27th - We fished the Sandy Creek shootout out of Sandy Creek, which is always a great time. We’ve had the same charter clients for this event year after year. They really enjoy the competition. 


We made a run back to the west, but we just didn’t go far enough. We fished the Glass House/Flats are on the 27-29N lines. The screen was hit and miss, and we realized a little too late we needed to be another six miles West to get into the monster school of Kings off the Oak. Anyway, we picked at fish all day with a lot of hook-ups, but they just weren’t the right class of fish. 


We didn’t place in the event, but we all had a great time. We ran our typical eight rod spread consisting of our three Cannon downriggers, two wires, and three coppers. The stud of the day was a purple meat rig on the 500 copper which took most of our mature Salmon. The Dreamweaver Sea SIck Waddler, and the Stinger Green Nuclear also took a few nice shots. 


Sorry for the lack of pics, but our four fish box consisted of three nice Salmon and this really nice Steelie. 




July 28th - We had the pleasure of taking out some really good clients that have been with us since the beginning. Mike and Loraine come up each year and always bring new people up with them to experience Lake Ontario.


We broke the pier heads about 5:45am and headed North to the 26N line. We trolled it out to the 27N line before we got into the fish and bait. The bait string was almost unbelievable, and the mature Salmon were all over it! When the bite started we had doubles and a triple take place. It was incredible! It happened so fast that the deck was sloppy, and the waves were big, so we couldn’t get many good pics.


The Dreamweaver Sea Sick Waddler mupped was good on our 70’ Cannon downrigger. A Kelly Green flasher/A-TOM-MIK Hijacker fly was good on our 80’ Cannon downirgger. The 300 coppers were good with Moonshine Carbon 14s, and we had the divers go a few times with Dreamweaver Wonderbread Spin Doctors/A-TOM-MIK Glow Blue Hammers.





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Nice job Rick!..you were right about the wrong class of fish in the glass house area. I saw you going north from there and thought there was a definite problem with that inside water as we never had anything turn on but small fish all the way to 8:30 am. That's when we decided to pick up and head to the Scotch Bonnet Gap. Shouldda went there first I guess. Oh well, gave us a chance to blow the carbon out on the way back in for 14 miles. Yes it was very bumpy on Sunday down Sandy way too. But the picture changed on the inside with lots of big bait balls and kings around.


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