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Atlas Shipwreck Discovered In Lake Ontario


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The long-lost Atlas shipwreck has been discovered at the bottom of Lake Ontario about two miles north of Oswego. The vessel went down in a fierce storm on the Great Lakes in 1839.

The double-masted, 52-foot schooner was discovered by three shipwreck enthusiasts and is being hailed as the oldest commercial wreck discovered in the Great Lakes.



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Every time I head out in my 18' Tracker, I hum a few bars of "Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald" just to remind myself that the lake isn't very friendly if you get

to complacent.  


The history of our lake is pretty awesome.  Thanks for the link.

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I saw on another forum a thread about some guy from RIT who had built a robotic submersible. He was using it to find wrecks in Ontario. I can't remember what his name was but I wonder if this is the same guy.

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