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Sandy Creek Fishin Again? 7/31

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Went out last evenin for a couple hour trip. I knew temp was down but I was hopin we did not have go out too far to find them in my small boat. We set up in 80 fow 2 divers 2 riggers and a 10 color. When we hit 200 fow game on. King on the wire down 240 and as Bobby was playing that fish the 95 rigger with a  green nuke Stinger goes with a nice steelie leapin out of the water. After a few minutes of panic and keepin the fish untangled I was gettin the Steel near the boat when the other rigger goes off. Another Steel jumpin. We finally managed to get them all in. King was low 20's, the big Steel was 11 pounds, and a five pound steel. We worked that 200 fow area and got another decent King on a Moonshine Carbon 14 and a decent  Steelhead. We lost a screamer king on the wire with some tangle issues. It was a fun couple hours. Till next time.  Brian

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