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I rig the same as Broke Off as well and sure put a lot of fish in the boat. The tackle thing will drive you crazy the rest of your life. I have thousands of dollars worth and every time I read something new I want to try it. My wife has to talk some sense to me about how many fish I am already putting in the boat per day. I think we will always be looking for that magic bullet. Find something that works well for you and stick with it until it no longer works well!

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Have to agree with the Spin Doctor crowd on this one, for pulling flies, anways!  All I ever used for flashers for years were 11" paddles with flies, until I started fishing Lake Ontario a couple of summers ago.  When I finally broke down and bought a couple of spin Doctors and threw them out on my divers, with flies, I couldn't believe how my catch rate increased.  They seemed to really out-fish paddles and flies for me, like 5 to one.  11" paddles work great with meat rigs, though, and I still use them for that.  It is a good idea to own a few of both, and draw your own conclusions. :yes:

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