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Haywire/ April 19th/ Oak

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                  Its here! Its here! finally! Opening Day for Haywire. Boy it was one to remember. We got started about 9:30 and we set right up out of the chute. And it did not take long for us to double up. What a action packed day at one point we had no rods in the water because each one had a fish on before we could get another one set. We let quite a few go and kept some cause after this long winter we are all hungry for some fresh fish. We ended up 17/25 are best day ever!, unfortunately we did get a case of the :swear: when it came to the big ones, they just kept coming undone but non the less awesome weather, awesome fishing and we got a dandy Atlantic. Cuzn Jay and Beers, thanks for all the help pulling the Ol girl out a few weeks ago. So glad we got out and had a blast. Boat ran good......till the end :@. I want to thank the guys that came over to check on us when we stalled out. Turned out Jay tightened down the batterie cables and away we went. Limped her back in, the motor had loaded up from all the trolling all day. Jay got her cleaned out and we headed home. My new little helper helped me get her cleaned up and start getting ready for some derby fishing next Sunday! Good luck to all.





Lures-On the rigger the Alpeena Diamond, 70 back

         -On the boards, Storm Silver/Blue sticks, Rapala Perch sticks 50 to 60 back






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Great start to the season Kooter! I'm still smoothing the rough edges on my rig in between spells of good and bad weather. Think it is near ready now. See ya out there with that new Fishing buddy soon!


cent frum my notso smart fone

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