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Sandy Creek 7/6 (Finally)

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Well today was our annual trip out with my older brother Cory and his buddy Jason! We woke up around 4:30 told them to be at the launch by 6:00 we were late getting there because the lower unit wasn't going down. Finally got it to work and we broke the rocks at 6:45 set up in front of devils nose in 85fow. Finished setting up and the side rigger on my side fired off fish came off after a minute. Purple UV Warrior spoon down 75, back 50. Shortly after resetting that rod the back rigger on my side fired off fish came off after a minute. Green Rogue NK spoon 30 feet back 95 feet down in 100fow. Shortly after resetting that rod the side rigger on my side fired again with a Brown, same spoon same setting. After we released that fish the back rigger on my side fired with a Laker (Almost having a 250lb brother knocking you in the water because you didn't see the rod fire off haha) anyway fish came on Green Rogue NK same settings. 15 minutes went by and the back rigger on my side fored again same spoon same setting with a Laker as I slid the net under the Laker, side rigger on my side fires off! Brown caught on the same lure same setting. There was a lull in the fishing then the side rigger on my Dads side fired off! Skippy King not sure what lure or setting im sure he will comment on the post. So we picked back up and ran Back to Devils Nose. Finished setting up and the side rigger starts SCREAMING!! 600ft pulled off in no time. We put a 20lb King in the Boat. Lets say I got greedy I haven't had a fish take drag like that all year so I wanted to fight it. Anyway fish came on a size 28 Purple DW. We picked up another Laker and a Brown to finish off the day. Score today was my side 6, Dads 3. We finished 9-11. 2 Kings, 3 Lakers, 4 Browns. 80-100fow all day. We marked a lot of fish suspended around 60-70 with thick schools of bait. Temp down 100 was 46 surface 68. Some wicked current though. Reading everyone else's reports it sounds like things are starting to get back to normal, it's definitely showing good signs!

Good Luck, Tight Lines, Screaming Reels

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