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95' Evinrude 15hp 4 stroke - No spark


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I have a 1995 Evinrude 15 hp 4 stroke kicker, pull start, model 15DL. Not getting spark. I wish I clould get a look at a svc. manual for ignition system test procedures. Does anyone have access to a manual?


There are basicly only 3 components to the ignition system: stator to a module to ignition coil. The only other components in the system are the kill switch and an oil pressire sensor which both connect to the module. The stator has 4 wires. Between the two orange wires, I get a reading of about 85 ohms. I don't get any Ohms reading from the brown or the brown/yellow wire to any of the other wires. It seems like I should read something on them but I would like to know for sure.


There is a single wire from the module to the coil which supplies the two spark plugs. When I connect a digital voltmeter to it and pull the rope I don't get any reading at all. Not even a digit flicker.


Can anyone give me any insight or know of another forum where I can get some help or download a service manual?

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I think the problem is either the stator or the power pack. I need to get a service manual to try to determine which it is. I don't want to replace either part without being relatively certain it is the problem. I hope it is the power pack because it is a lot less expensive and tougher to replace.


I think your motor might be different than mine. Mine was made by OMC but I beleive later in the 90s they were made by Susuki.

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