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Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 Color fishfinder, Upgraded Transducer w/Navionics Lake O Chip, Half Price of New

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Lowrance HDS 8 Gen 2 Color fish finder with 8 inch screenpost-150835-0-04568700-1405255740_thumb.jpg.  This is the newer Gen 2 model with the high speed processor and user interface which means that it updates what you see faster and the broadband sounder allows you to see fish at up to 3,000 fish clearly even at running speeds.  The unit is 3 years old and has been used lightly. I paired this unit with an upgraded transducer (5200) which allows for greater clarity particularly on deeper trolling for Kings than the standard transducer.   I upgraded the existing software maps with a Navionics “E†Platinum Disk (covering the entire eastern seaboard including Lake Ontario in detail).  I have used it on Lake Ontario and it has very nice waypoint and tracking features that have allowed me to get back on the fish after hooking up.   New ones are $1,250.00 without the upgraded transducer ($159.00) and Navionics chip ($200) but why spend $1,600 when you can purchase mine for $800.

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It is an internal GPS and it really works slick with the navionics Platinum card.  Boat is located in Oswego for another couple of weeks and is in the water so you could demo the unit if you wanted to drive over.  We would be back from July 19-26th.  It would be worth your drive to get to see it all set up and running but that is easy for me to say as it is your drive.  My cell is above if you'd like to set something up or have more questions.

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