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1989 Alumacraft 190 Trophy with Riggers and FF

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So I heard the words from my wife that no man thinks he'll ever hear. After looking around I found a pretty decent boat to replace my worn out one, talked to her about it, called the guy, took cash, brought the boat home. I get it home, back it in the driveway and wait for her to come home from work. She walks in, and says the best thing EVER! "I thought it was going to be a lot bigger than that. With all the plans we have why didn't you get something bigger?" SO! Here's the situation. I'm just putting it out there because the title's for the boat and trailer will only be here sometime this week. Boat is as mentioned.  Alumacraft 190 Trophy with an OMC 4.3 V6 that screams! Boat runs very very well. No dings or dents in the hull, paint is scraped here and there but physically very good. Tons of storage. Trailer is a Sea Lion bunk in very good condition. Fenders are plastic fenders and are functional but have cracks. I'm trying to highlight everything. I will tell you this thing is great on fuel, handles great and has a pretty dry ride. I've had it for a couple of months and have been using it, and it's not a gotta sell.










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Ok so pictures will be up tomorrow (Labor Day). So, I'm asking $3800. 1989 Alumacraft 190 Trophy, 2002 Sea Lion Trailer. I'm going to try to have it all scrubbed up and looking pretty, but not a guarantee. I did go out a few days ago for a quick run and the blower started making a heck of a noise. Other than that it's good to go!

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