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Seneca 9-30-14

Iron Duke

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Launched out of Watkins at 6 with abc715 (Brent) Setup shop right out the shoot and it was a extremely tough fishing day for us it wasn't for a lack of fish or working hard to get them to go.... We continuously cleaned riggers cores coppers and dipsys of the horrendous weeds and fleas showed up a bit again also... Marks where there and ran everything in the book down to them to get them too go but no prevail .. We did eventually pick up 2 small Landlocks and called it a day.. It was a beautiful day out there today and could have been doing worse things ..Great fishing with you today Brent and I'm sure we will do it again.. Be back at it tomorrow as long as the weather cooperates...


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Lately it has been a tough day that the "fishing office" for most of us and the weeds sure don't help out either. Hopefully the water temps will drop soon and with it the fleas. The weed situation is another matter....I don't remember it being this bad for so long and it doesn't appear to be getting better. I'm hoping that when I return from out west in a couple weeks things will be back to the normal Fall fishing  but a lot will depend on cool nights, precipitation and wind velocity and direction and we all know how much control we have over that stuff :lol:  I'm crossing my fingers you find some "bald spots" in the weed fields Mike. Good luck out there.

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It was a beautiful day on the lake. I enjoyed getting out with you Mike. When Mike said "we worked hard". It was really him. He worked almost non stop changing spoons and keeping weeds off. I just had to steer a little. I'll go fishing with you anytime. Just let me know.

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