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Lake Ontario update

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Generally the earliest amounts of shootable shore line "pass threws" happens around Halloween time. (Exception Brandt/puddleducks and geese.) The last week has provided many mergansers  and a few bufflehead and golden eyes.  On my pond watch every AM has the woodies are leaving day by day, but hooded merges. and geese (only 3 snows  mixed in ) are every where still. I am expecting to see the lake hunters on the shoreline very soon. Will post if I ever get out front lake hunting.



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4well the deep freeze we had brought the birds to big water, got to get out, temporarly grounded no truck.many lake shore spots posted now, need a good boat

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Hunted the shoreline off wilson on Sunday- South wind- took 3 bufflehead drakes and let numerous merganser and goldeneyes land in the decoys to fly again. Off shore bird numbers were impressive- Saw bluebill, scooter,squaw, cans and piles of mallard and geese. What I wouldn't give to get out into 50' of water- endless birds flying aroundpost-154525-14169472602687_thumb.jpg

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