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Anyone in Oswego I could borrow a couple of tools from?

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Hey guys I know this is a stretch but yesterday the key for my car broke and the metal piece (key part) fell out of the plastic that keeps it on my key ring and its lost. Normally wouldn't be too big of a deal but it seems the ignition has been changed once and the key I had cut from the vin number doesn't fit. That being said they plowed the parking lots here at school yesterday and since my car couldn't be moved they towed it after telling me that they wouldn't because of my circumstances. So now my car has been towed for $110 and everyday I can't get it out of there I have to pay an extra 20. I don't have any family close by with tools or friends with tools and even with my craftsman tool set I can't fix it because I need a drill to get the shear bolts out of the ignition switch to remove the old one and install a new one with new keys. Any help would be greatly appreciated and if anything happens to any tools I will fully replace them. Paul

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